Technology Iphone 5s vs. LG g2

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Jul 8, 2011
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Hi all,
I'm a current MS3 who has the iphone 4s, I'm sick of the slow speed and the epocrates app crashing on me all the time. I am contemplating getting the Iphone 5s or the LG g2.

First time, not getting an apple product in years so I am a bit worried if there will be a learning curve and transfer of files. I am also worried about the uworld connectivity for both, is there a big difference in that regard?

Thanks in advance

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hey mate.
i did a short series on switching to android a while back on iMA, i'll pop the link below:

it's a little old now, though most of the points still stand.

you'll find the switch to the 5s utterly seamless. the little bit of increased size is nice, though lacking compared to most modern phone sizes and screen real estate. essentially though the 5s is more of the same.

there's quite a few options at the moment on who to switch to in android. i've still got the note 2, and can't see myself bothing to update with this current generation. for a newcomer though, i'd look hard at the note 3, G2, and S4. you'll find that unlike with iOS, when thinking about an android device the extra hardware options can make the decision more difficult.

there's still more app coverage with iOS compared to android. the apps are just "better" on iOS, though the bread and butter stuff is just as good on android (medscape, epocrates, etc).

the main benefit is hardware choice. as an example, i use my note 2 daily as a phablet. meaning i read a lot of feedly, flipboard, zite, ebooks, web browsing etc that i would NEVER do on an iphone, the screen is just too damn small. i was able to take the device with me overseas a few days ago to venice. I forgot my australian-european converter. thanks to switchable batteries I was able to use my zerolemon 9500mah battery, and got 3 days constant use and only down to 50%. I was able to watch movies on the plane from a USB stick through my USB OTG adapter. the versatility is far more than within the closed iOS ecosystem (without paying though the teeth for similar and inferior workarounds).

my short advice for you would be to go and play physically with the devices. play with the 5s, G2, and note 3.
1) if you're happy with the feel of the iphone, stay with it. regardless of the silly specs thrown around in anrdoid land, the user experience is still at the zennith with iOS. you're no doubt invested in medical apps, and that can cost you a few hundred dollars to replace. it does take some getting used to the different systems, it was at least a few months before i was happy.

2) if you have a burning desire to try something new, go with one of the new androids. don't expect as seemless an experience as with ios, though it's damn good. you'll have to invest some significant time to get up and running to where you currently are with iOS. i'd make the decision mostly on the hardware. bigger screen, more functions etc.

if you're happy with the smaller screen of the iphone, think long and hard about switching.

all the best :D
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