Ireland and UK Schools: Strengths and Weeknesses

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What are some real strengths and weaknesses of the Irish schools?

What are some real strengths and weaknesses of UK schools?

[Both in comparison to NAn schools, and each other]

For those of you from NA: How did you know that going to Ireland or UK was what you wanted to do? ... It is a huge commitment to go to medical school so far away from home. Not that medical school isn't a huge committment no matter where you go, but to me there seems to be an extra level of committment to go there for school, especially if you plan on returning after school.

Hypothetically (or not): if you had(were to have) your choice of going to two similar schools, one in NA and one in UK/Ireland, why did(would) you choose Ireland/UK. I guess I am coming back around, full circle, to the strengths/weakness question.

How do(did) you KNOW it is(was) for you?