Is a good score still possible for me?


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Feb 19, 2017
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So I'm taking my test on September 2nd. I plan on finishing up as many Next Step exams as possible, then during my last 2 weeks before the test (i still have NS8-10), buying AAMC 1, AAMC 2, and the Section Bank. I also completed the CARS question bank 1 and might get the 2nd question bank. Here are my current test scores:

NS Diagnostic: 495 (Mid june)
NS1: 506 - 126/124/128/128 July 12
NS2: 506 - 127/126/127/126 July 15
NS3: 506 - 127/124/128/127 July 22
NS4: 505 - 127/125/126/127 July 25
NS5: 508 - 127/126/127/128 July 31
NS6: 505 - 125/127/127/126 August 6
NS7: 506 - 125/125/127/129 August 9
Kaplan1 502 - 125/125/127/125 August 11
CARS QBank 1 was ~60%

My goal is minimum 510, but I'm not quite there yet. Now I'm just doing P/S flashcards, and I plan to memorize physics and gen chem equations, but is there anyway to improve my score by the time I'm using AAMC material? (which is in 1 and a half weeks basically.)
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