Is a July MCAT late?

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May 3, 2008
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Little background, I finished my masters about 2 years ago and just got my research article accepted for publication a few months ago. I'm waitlisted at two DO schools still but I want to do everything I can to pull me back from my so-so 28 score since I only got 4 interviews this last cycle.

Studying for the New MCAT and being out of these undergrad courses for years has left me with a lot more review than I expected. My test is on June 19th and this will be a second retest, though the very first test was more than 5 years ago so I'm not sure how much weight they'd put on that.

I finished the psych/soc stuff but I still have 4 chapters left for Bio, Chem, and physics each. I can probably wrap it all up by about a week before the test, then hammer through practice tests every day until the test, but that seems risky. For reference I've been using BR for all subjects and TPR for Psyc/Soc.

I'm eying the July 17th test date as I just spotted an open seat, but I don't know if that's too late in the cycle. My AMCAS and AACOMAS are ready to be submitted, and I sent out TMDSAS 2-3 days after it opened. All my LOR are done and ready.

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Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting....
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Oct 12, 2004
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Goro or one of the other osteo school folks can comment on timing for AACOMAS, but yes, you will be on the late side for AMCAS, especially since you are an average to slightly below average applicant stat-wise for the MCAT (and I assume your GPA as well). Many schools will already be starting to interview people by the time your AMCAS is complete in mid to late August. I suggest that you either stick with your June date, or else take the test on a later date and hold off applying until next year. That would even allow you to take the test in August or beyond if you need the extra study time.

If you do decide to move your test date to July and still apply this year, then my advice is that you have everything else completed and ready to go, including having written your PS, your secondary essays, submitted your LORs, etc. so that you will be complete the second your MCAT score is posted and can turn those secondaries around the same day you receive them. But you may be putting yourself at a significant disadvantage by doing this, both because many interview invites may already have been given out by the time your app gets considered, and because if your score stays the same or even goes down, you're basically stuck applying with it anyway unless you withdraw your app.