Is a July MCAT too late for TMDSAS?

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Jun 4, 2024
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Hi everyone! I am new to SDN and hope you can advise me.

I am a traditional TMDSAS IS app for EY25. I have a cGPA of 3.79, great ECs with one poster presentation and a protocol abstract as second author, highly recommended on my committee letter (with all LORs finished.) I am planning to submit my primary this week, by 06/08. I am scheduled for CASPer on July 9th. My dilemma is the MCAT.

I scored below 500 on my first attempt in January and plan to retake it on 06/27. However, I do not feel ready. I do not feel solid in my knowledge. I want to push it back to the mid-July date, giving me an extra 17 days from now to really grind. However, that means my score will be released on August 13th, significantly delaying my app for TMDSAS schools. If I prewrite all my secondaries (assuming schools send them without knowing my MCAT score) and have my application COMPLETED by August 13th, will I still have a chance at TX schools? Thank you so much.

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