Is Anybody from Sri Ram Das Institute on Dental and Sciences (India, Amritsar)!

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May 22, 2003
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Is anybody on this website from Sri Ram Das Institute of Dental and Sciences (India). My wife who graduated from this place is planning to take Part I in December. If you are from this Institute please send me an email at [email protected]


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hi!! which year did u pass out from SGRD ????? could you also please give your name( if that is ok with you!!!!)
Hi GKG....I graduated in 1999. I currently reside in US (California).
I am preparing for Part I exam for December. My name is Shuchita I am using my husbands log in user account. What's your name and what year did you graduate from????
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hi shucita, i graduated in 2001 ,i think i u r from jaspreet tiwana's batch , r u planning to take ndba in dec?
Yes...I from that batch....I am planning to take the Part I in December.....please provide your details....what's your name??? Are you planning to take the exam in December??? where do you reside??? I reside in California...You can email me at my husband's email address at [email protected]...
hi toothguy,
i am from sgrd asr.well i was in 96 batch.let me know if tre s ny particular thing u re lookin for from ur college people,may be i can do some for ya.
hi Doctor Bristles,

I was just trying to track some of my collegues down. I recently came to US (California). I am planning to take part I in December. Have you taken part I yet? By the way my batch was 1999. My name is Shuchita. What is your name??? Do you have any suggestion for part I??? What state do you reside in??

u were in 94 batch,and passed out in 99,is tat wat u mean by 99 batch...
oh well,i passed out in 2001.yeah i ve taken part 1 .i took it last year in december,and then part 2 in this year in april,i was aiming for california..but could not get thru bench test,now i am into the process of gettin into some gud dental programme,somewre .i am in cali thesedays,but soon i ll be movin towards eastcoast....
wre do u live in california?
and about part1,i am sure u ll be fine ...make sure tat u understand and remember every topic from dental deck,and do read kaplan notes,those re gud,u dont need ny reference book, if u remember each and everything in tre,if u want u can look for parasitology in some microbook from library etc.i didnt do tat,but a few students do think tat they shd..and do those previous papers every weekend or so,and u re all set.
and rest before test,and u ll be fine.
if tre s nything else i can help u with,let me know,i ll be more than happy to do tat for ya.
gud luck.
hi Dr. Bristles i passed out in 2001 too, would u mind sharing your name???? ru enrolled in an advanced placement program?? thanks!!!!
no offence ,gkg, but somehow i am not very fond of my batchmates and would never like to reinvent them and niether would like them to keep track of me.. take care.
suit yourself Dr.Bristles , i was just trying to be polite ,anyways i have no hard feelings for any of my batchmates so good luck with all of your future endeavours.:) :) :)
GKG could you PM me please. I've trying to contact you, but through SDN I can't. Thanks.
HI!!! Meggs can i help you with anything??? i would b glad to b of assistance.Thanks
Originally posted by GKG
suit yourself Dr.Bristles , i was just trying to be polite ,anyways i have no hard feelings for any of my batchmates so good luck with all of your future endeavours.:) :) :)

Don't take it personal GKG,i dont ve ny hardfeelings either,my sole objective by sayin tat was to save myself from mind games,as i still am C negative in politics. Hope u ve a gud one.:)
Originally posted by GKG
HI!!! Meggs can i help you with anything??? i would b glad to b of assistance.Thanks

Remember the ''fairytales'' thread you started months ago? whatever happened to you after that?? I remember you sounded rather pessimistic back then about all this thing. did you try again? just curious... I bumped into that thread while searching for something else, and thought I'll ask... ;) :D
Hi meggs !! so nice of you remember, i took part 1 again( i have improved on my previous score, got 92 this time) and i have reapplied ( reactivated -as they say in many schools) and rest i guess is waiting.
ohh, was part 1 your problem? I mean, do you think that's what kept schools from choosing you? I don't have that good of a memory, so I just remember you talking about fairytales, but don't remeber your scores...

That's so great of you to retake part 1. My score (84) isn't that great, but I really don't feel like investing all that time again and retaking it. I get terrified even thinking about it. But I guess if no schools chooses me, I won't have any other choice.... :( well, thanks for responding, good luck! :p
Hi gkg!!
wow wat a score....congrats! i m planning to take part 1 in july next yr.....can u plz guide me as to whether i should take the trouble to go through all my course books along with kaplan and decks or not.....?i would really appreciate it. thanx..
hi Dr.Gray, i feel it all depends on one's pattern of study.if you can memorize stuff in condensed form the Kaplan notes are the best way to revise,follow the points distribution given in the last few pages of your ADA guide (part 1 ) booklet, it will give you an idea about which topics you should be better prepared with , give repeated revisions to decks and ADA released question papers and last and probably the best piece of advice ' HANG IN THERE' like the most of us on this forum.Good luck