Is anyone else's individual or committee letters not in yet?


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Dec 9, 2017
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So I have 3 letters right now, which is perfectly fine for many schools, but I'm waiting on a 4th letter from my professor and one of the directors at a post-bac program which is going to be one of my strongest letters. I've been following up with this person since June when I first asked for the letter, but the letter still isn't in yet.

So, I asked a couple of my friends in the post-bac program who are submitting committee letters to their health professions schools (medical and dental schools), and they are also upset that the directors haven't finished their committee letters yet either. I know that the directors are overwhelmed by the number of committee letters and individual letters to write for students, but it's been three months now since these letters were requested by us, the students. I feel bad for some of my friends because they chose to submit a committee letter from the directors so they aren't even complete at the schools they applied to yet. I chose to submit individual letters with one being from one of the directors (which is my 4th letter), so I have the necessary 3 to be complete at many schools already.

Is anyone else in this current situation, and how are you dealing with it? I just don't want to be held responsible for being late when I'm doing everything in my control, but the directors just haven't finished the letters yet.

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