Medical Is applying to MD/DO programs with dropped felony & misdemeanor charges going to ruin my chances??

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Jun 10, 2010
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So I've a unique situation here and could definitely use some expert advice. I'm wondering if (given the charges below), if there is any chance of getting into school after listing the following arrests on the secondary of a MD/DO application. I've applied to a number of DO programs and received secondaries prompting this question. I'm happy to list them all but.....I think I'm wasting my time. Here we go....

At the age of 17 (now 25), I was charged with multiple felonies (3rd Degree Criminal sexual conduct x 2), (minor in possession of alcohol), (possession of drug paraphernalia) and (trespassing).

I know what you're thinking, this guys got no f***ing chance, here's the kicker.

Both of the CSC charges were dropped by the plaintiff's under the condition of no contact and under the condition that I don't sue for damages/wrongful prosecution. Pretty crazy......I know.

Ultimately, the state's DA realized that this was a bunch of BS and after relaying this to the plaintiff's and their families, the charges were dropped. But not before these guys found a way to protect themselves first.

There was no trial, no plea deal, no diversion program, no probation, no punishment aside from having my name completely destroyed as if that wasn't enough, and then being told that I can't take any legal action.

The MIP and possession of drug paraphernalia charges (separate incident) were each dropped (because when your at a house party, no one owns up to anything so everyone gets hit with the book). Again, no punishment, no plea, no diversion program or probation. Just a night in jail.

The trespassing charge (separate incident), I was guilty of and again, spent a night in the county jail as punishment.

I haven't been in any trouble since. I went to college and graduated with a bachelors in bio and a minor in chem, gpa 3.8. I've worked in several hospitals and spent several months at a nearby medical school completing a mcat prep program. Each facility completed their own background check and everything's been well. State medical licensing board stated that if no conviction, licensing shouldn't be a problem.

I know it looks pretty terrible at first glance and I'm looking to set expectations here. Thank you so much in advance for any advice!
Most schools only ask about convictions. If they ask for arrests, just tell the truth.

And try to hang out with more stable people, lest others think "where there's smoke, there's fire".

The trespassing charge you're going to have to own and explain. At my school, we would would ask you directly in the interview about it.
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