Is Emergency Medicine a Primary Care Specialty?


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Apr 28, 2007
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    By whom? I mean I dunno the ones I know refer to themselves as ER docs. Up until a couple of years ago you could even become a fellow of the ACEP if you worked in EM and had completed an FM residency.

    Really interesting write up on the history of EM/FM.

    The TLDR is there are a LOT of FM docs working in EM.
    Aye, and there can be some pretty nice salaries/perks out there if an FM doc is willing to relocate to the wilderness and work in the ER.


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      There are also IM/EM dual residencies now (about 9 programs or so) like the ole Med-Peds folks. I'm very interested in it, too. So much of what you see in the ED, as has already been discussed, is IM related or outright IM (e.g., diabetes left untreated, routine otitis and sinusitis, onychocryptosis etc). Likewise, it's a huge help to have EM training when serving an ultra rural community or a wilderness outpost. It kind of reminds me of fusion cuisine for a career. LoL


      P.S. +1: wow @ the revival of a 6 y/o thread


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      1. Attending Physician
        This actually came up with some EM preceptors today, and they consider themselves PCPs.

        In reference to the above, these docs are also older so they did IM residency and somehow got into EM. They never completed recertification for IM and I think just do the EM boards now.

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