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Is ER Medicine part of Primary Care?

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by Pursuing MD, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. Pursuing MD

    Pursuing MD Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Hello all...I just wanted to know if ER medicine is considered a part of primary care (along with Peds, internal medicine, Ob/Gyn; am I missing any?)? Thanks!
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  3. Dr/\/\om

    Dr/\/\om Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 12, 2002
    Tulsa, OK
    I've not seen EM included as primary care, even though much of the scope of their practice is "primary-care-type" medicine.
  4. 12R34Y

    12R34Y 10+ Year Member

    Apr 5, 2000 the state of kansas it is considered primary care. ER is very much primary care with occasional true emergencies.

  5. spyderdoc

    spyderdoc Physician Moderator Emeritus Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    Jul 30, 2002
    SF Bay Area
    It is not considered a primary care field by the US Govt for purposes of primary care scholarships, etc. Although it should be, since most of what we do is primary care medicine, it is not.

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