Medical Is it a red flag to not have a letter of recommendation from PI?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Is it bad not to include a LOR from a research PI? Research was not the primary part of my application, but I had a decent amount of involvement with it. I worked in a lab for ~300 hours over a couple of years, presented a poster, and received course credit.

My PI wrote me a letter that I used for last cycle, but I did not ask him to send it again when I reapplied this cycle. My PI was always super busy and had often worked at a hospital, so I wasn't sure whether he wrote a strong letter. Will it be seen as a red flag to not have asked him to send the letter again? Thank you.
I don’t think it’s a red flag. It’s more important to get letters from people who know you WELL and can write you STRONG letters.

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Thanks for the info. My PI knew me pretty well, and we had a positive relationship, but I just didn't think he would write a strong letter.

Then better off trying to find other letters. I mediocre letter isn't gonna do much more than check a box if you need the letter to reach your requirement.
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