Is it bad taste to ask for contact information of previous dental associates?


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Sep 15, 2013

I had a job interview at a private dental office for full-time dental associate and he hired me right after the interview and emailed me the contract. I was wondering if it's weird or unusual to ask the owner dentist for contact information of the previous dental associate who worked there. It would be helpful to know what their experience was like working there.

Thank you
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Jun 19, 2016
Absolutely, it is not only weird it is a rude question, first of all you have to understand you are an employee not an employer, sencond of all nobody forced you to apply there, third you have to be thankful for his offer, fourth as an employee you have to be flexible and be able to adapt yourself with employers rules and regulations, fifth you have to take advantage of any job opportunity to learn something new, have you ever seen an employer write "reference is available" on his ad, but I always see it on CVs and resumes from the people who are seeking job, when he send you a contract, he wants to protect himself, do you have the business loan? Do you have payroll? Do you deal with marketing? Rent? Staff? Electricity? Gas? Water? Do you have any experience ?....If you are not a flexible person and not willing to learn from others, go open your own practice and deal with reality. Just for a moment put yourself in his shoes and see as a business owner somebody ask you the same question, what would be your answer! I never expect any smart person ask such a question, unless you just graduated last week and think you worth million dollars !
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