is it better to sign up for an earlier interview?


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Hi. I applied in August and I'm starting to have interview invites.
When they give you available dates for the interview, is it better to pick the earliest one?? Do they accept people as they interview them or at certain time after most of the interviews are done??


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Oct 7, 2001
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Your best bet is to ask each school what their committee practices are. For example, Ohio State has FOUR interview dates (one in October, November, January and February) and the committee meets two days after each of these dates to accept people.

Other schools who interview on a more consistent basis might go 2-3 weeks before reviewing the interviewed files. Still others put the files aside and meet as a committee in the first week of December, which would often encompass 10-15 groups of interviewees.

Typically, I'd say that interviewing early is better, although in some cases it might not matter much. You'll have to research this with your own schools.
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