Is it common for schools to accept people by phone and reject by snail mail?

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Jan 21, 2010
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If so, that's a bit frusturating to be left waiting and wondering....

I feel bad for you folks waiting on offers when others have already heard! I may be in that boat soon myself...

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That's the sense that I've gotten. Which makes me worried that they made decisions on Fri, someone got an acceptance Mon, and I haven't heard anything.

However, there are some schools that send their acceptances via snail mail or e-mail as well.
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i have been accepted via eamil, phone, and letter. i think it just depends on the program.

on the bright side, don't freak yourself out because other students have been accepted. i totally freaked when i heard other students were accepted to my top choice and convinced myself i was on the waitlist. i later found out i wasn't and my POI took a second student which was me, it just took a little longer for him to be certain the funding was in place. i never had any info from the school and i had just waitlisted myself b/c of things i read on SDN. moral of the story? stay hopeful and don't obsess over things you read on this forum (like i did :D)!
I got an acceptance through the phone, a rejection through an email, and a wait list notification through a phone call (I called them, but I would have found out through snail mail).

You could always call the admissions office and inquire. Just be polite and don't push them. Say that you are just curious because your in the middle of making acceptance decisions.