Medical Is it disrespectful to keep following up with research mentor?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Before this pandemic, I started volunteering in a research lab under a graduate mentor. He was really helpful and I saw myself working with the lab for the rest of my undergrad (I’m a second year). However, our uni closed and has been closed for two months. In those two months I have sent him 2 emails asking about what is happening with the lab/if there’s anything I can work on remotely. I also sent a text. However, I’ve gotten no response and I don’t know if another email/text would be disrespectful or if I should email another grad student in the lab or email the PI? I feel like my emails are falling into a black hole.

I understand this is a time of uncertainty and he could be affected by Covid-19, so I don’t want to be disrespectful to any parties. What should I do? I have a lot of time that I can dedicate to research right now but I’m getting no guidance on where to start.

For context: this is a wet lab, but I’m sure he can use my programming skills remotely for analysis or ask me to do something else
I think it is perfectly reasonable to send followup texts/emails if they are not responding. I would give at least a week in between so you aren't being pushy, but if they aren't responding, chances are they could have missed the text or email. If they aren't interested in you helping, they should let you know and not ignore you. They also could have gotten busy and forgot. But you should take control of the situation as this is your future as well.
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