Is it ok to take some pre-reqs at a community college 1st?

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Jun 5, 2023
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I'm starting out a community college and was looking at a pre-med forum on a different site, and someone asked if it's a bad idea to start out at a community college before transferring to a 4-year university for undergrad. A lot of people were saying it'll look bad to med schools if you do your pre-reqs at the community college. (like biology 1 & 2, chemistry/lab 1 & 2, organic chemistry/lab, inorganic chemistry/lab, english 1 & 2, psychology, etc.)
Almost all the classes you take towards a bachelor's degree are pre-reqs, and if not, you need them to be able to take the more advanced classes. I've already taken Biology/Lab 1, English 1, & Psychology (some of the most basic med school pre-reqs) at a community college. I've also taken Spanish & US govt. (listed under humanities & the social sciences categories for a med school I want to apply to) & I'm also taking a history class this summer (which is also listed as a possibility for the social sciences category). I was going to get 39 credits at a community college before transferring to a 4-year university. Is this a bad idea?
If not pre-reqs, then what classes are left that I can take at a cc that'll count towards a bachelor's degree of biology?

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Your plan is workable but keep planning carefully as you get ready to transfer to your 4-year college.
if you already know which one you will go to, it might help to meet with a transfer advisor at the 4-year college to ask:
1. Would these classes I am taking at CC meet your standards for transfer credit to my major at BigU?
(you want to know that because you will be seeking a bachelors degree at BigU and you don't want to take any science pre-reqs twice)
2. Some CC don't offer upper level courses like Genetics, Biochem, Microbiology etc. that you might need or want to take at BigU
3. Be sure you are not signing up for science courses that are easier level (Physics for poets, Survey of chemistry for nutrition majors etc.)
4. Most med schools accept those CC credits as long as your CC is accredited and as long as you take your classes graded (not pass/fail). Be sure to take any labs in-person, not online.
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