Is it possible to borrow enough to cover everything at Ben Gurion or Irish schools?


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Jan 9, 2002
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I know that there are funds available to borrow to attend US Med Schools. I understand that funds are available for foreign study, but I do not know whether the limits are lower or not. Having brought myself closer to poverty completing the prerequisites, I am sort of broke.

If I will have depleted my savings, can I borrow my way through foreign med schools, even if I have other student loan debt?

1. Anyone from Ben Gurion?

2. Anyone from the Irish schools?



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Jan 2, 2001
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Stafford loans and Perkins loans (if you happen to get both) should be more than enough to pay for Irish schools. I forget the maximum amount you can borrow, but the max Perkins (or is it the stafford) you can borrow is like 18,500. That's nearly full tuition. I haven't had to take out loans yet, but a couple of the US students are here based almost completely on loans, so's very doable.

As an American, you are eligible for the full amount of the Stafford and Perkins loans, even though you are going to study abroad. When you send your application in to Atlantic Bridge, they will give you information about the loans and will handle them for you.
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