Is it possible to do a Fulbright in med school?


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Aug 16, 2013
    I'm dying to do a Fulbright and I think it's a wonderful opportunity! I'm applying this year as an at-large applicant (school won't let me apply thru them :() but I think my chances may not be at my best.

    Hence, I was wondering…is it possible to do a Fulbright during medical school? Like can I apply for a prestigious medical research award to do during 4th year (since I heard this year is relatively free)? Or do I have to take another gap year sometime before, during, or after medical school to do the Fulbright?


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    Mar 12, 2015
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      Congrats on applying!

      You can definitely apply for Fulbrights during med school/any advanced degree program for that matter. I'm doing a Fulbright this year and I'm the only one in my Fulbright country who isn't in some advanced degree program like Masters, PhD, etc. However, I think that once you receive your MD and have finished residency, you'd have to apply through the full Fulbright Scholar program rather than through the Fulbright U.S. Student program. There is a difference between the two, even though everyone tends to be called "Fulbright Scholars" (technically, U.S. Student grant recipients are supposed to be called "Fulbrighers" or "Fulbright Fellows") -- U.S. Student is for recent college graduates or current advanced degree candidates, while the Scholars program is for established professionals seeking sabbatical-esque experiences.

      A really cool program open to medical school students who are interested in global health is the Fulbright Fogarty program. I would look into it if I were you!

      Regardless, if you are applying to a Fulbright during med school you'd have to take a gap year. You are only allowed to return to the US for 2 weeks max during the 10 month period, so you definitely couldn't be currently enrolled. With the U.S. Student Program you also can't use Fulbright to fund a clerkship in a foreign country.
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