Sep 27, 2018
Dear all:
I am pgy 3 resident at a fair pathology program. I am applying some fellowships this year. And realized that I still miss seeing patients,
At this point, I am planning to finish my third year and reapply next year for a family medicine or primary care IM residency. I don't like inpatient care at all.
Do I stand a chance? I heard that once you finished one residency, you don't have fundings left for another one. That scares me so much.
Also I need to get some letters from FM or IM doctors.
I am IMG with decent scores 245 250. Graduated 2018.
And what would be the best approach to this situation.



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Mar 2, 2015
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Are there FM/IM programs where you're at? If you're serious about making the switch, it's definitely possible. I imagine it's easier to stay in-house.

In regards to the funding, from what I've gathered, it's a bit more complex in that you DO get funding, but like 50% or something. It helps that you'd be bringing 1 year of funding from your remaining path training. For big hospital systems/academic centers, that decrease in funding doesn't matter as much. For smaller/newer programs, it would be tougher. As far as where to start, I would first make sure that you really want to make that kind of jump. Then research the plethora of posts out there about people switching specialties :) I'm sure there's an optimal order of actions to be taken. Best to you!


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Jul 14, 2008
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Family medicine is typically more outpatient rotations compared to other residency programs. But you will at most usually get two months of credit from your other residency internal medicine you might get more credit

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