Medical Is it reasonable for me to work towards applying next year?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi, I just finished my sophomore year of undergrad. My school requires us to start the committee letter process a year prior to applying (so now if I’m applying without a gap year) but I don’t know if I’m on the right track to be a strong traditional applicant.

General info: 3.83cGPA/3.75sGPA, URM (Black), Public Health major

Research: around 50 hours in a health sciences lab so far

Clinical Volunteering: 40 hours specialized volunteering in a PACU, 125 hours general hospital volunteering, 75 hours physical rehab center

Shadowing: 30 hours (PM&R, general surgery, anesthesia)

Non-clinical volunteering: 85 hours nursing home/retirement community activities, 8 hours sport refereeing, 2 hours virtual translating (just started translating this week). I signed up for the Crisis Text Line but I’m still waiting to hear back.

Extracurricular activities: Many hours of a club sport I’ve been involved in since high school. I have some leadership here- I’ve been an officer for a year and just got elected to be the president/captain for the upcoming year. I was also in a premed fraternity for about a year and a half.

Employment history: None

I’d also be taking Physics 2 and Biochem the same Spring that I’d take the MCAT... the rest of my course load would be very light though. I was thinking I could plan to apply next year but if my MCAT prep isn’t going too well, I’ll 100% take a gap year. Thanks in advance for the help!
Is your refereeing more an extracurricular activity than a non-clinical volunteering? Just describe it a bit more so I can understand why you put your hours in the community service bin.

Have you done any networking with SNMA chapter officers at the medical schools or talked with diversity/student services administrators? Do a lot of self-reflection and/or journaling of your shadowing and clinical experiences.

Obviously you are planning a year ahead, so as long as you are on your timeline with your committee letter process and advising, you look okay. Keep doing well in your classes.
Thanks for the reply. I’m a local referee in a recreational sport league- I don’t get paid. I figured because it was a volunteer position that I could list it as non-clinical volunteering, but I can move it to an EC if that’s more appropriate.

I talked with a diversity officer at my school’s medical school. He told me I need underserved community-based volunteering which I hope to get by serving in soup kitchens once the Covid situation starts to improve. He also said most of the students he advises take a gap year or two by default since they usually need to take some post-bacc courses to raise their GPAs.

I’ll look into reaching out to SNMA- is it only helpful to reach out to the chapter associated with my undergrad’s medical school or can I reach out to any chapter in my area?

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I’ll look into reaching out to SNMA- is it only helpful to reach out to the chapter associated with my undergrad’s medical school or can I reach out to any chapter in my area?
I agree your GPA does not warrant a postbac or master's program unless you are really deficient in your science coursework (like nothing beyond prerequisites).

You can reach out to SNMA chapter officers at any medical school of your choice where such a group is active. You'll hopefully be colleagues with everyone in the end.
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