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As an IMG I have heard a lot of hate and realized how much of an uphill battle it is but I am just curious to hear what someone with some insight into the whole residency process will say. I fell in love with ortho my third year. Nothing else compared, I loved the surgeries in all the different areas, yes even the long spine surgeries, I loved sports and the different management of athletes at different levels and stages of the season. I loved my Peds experience seeing DDH and club foot. I even loved knee and hip replacements because there was always something to consider from a patients gender and size to activity level.
Everything else is just meh.
I am curious to know is it worth it to take a year off and do research and apply orthopedics? or should I just be satisfied if I can manage to match into something?

I am an IMG from one of the big three I ended up there for the worst possible reason, I was in too much of a rush to apply to US medical schools when this school said they would take me without a post bac from a chemistry background.
I did ok on step 1 (245) and better on step 2 (256)
I have some great letters of recommendation, and evaluations.
I have worked on three research projects so far (two in chemistry and one in ortho but no publications so far)


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