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Is Med-School really that hard, or is it just a lot of exaggeration by med-studedent

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Dr. FS, May 6, 2000.

  1. Dr. FS

    Dr. FS Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2000
    New York City
    Before i went to high school people used to say: "High school is tough, it is not like Junior High." Before i entered college people used to say the samething: "college is very hard." Well, it turns out that neither- high school, or college are as hard as those people described it.

    I am planning to start Med-school in about two years from now (if i get accepted, of course). So, my question is:

    Is medical school really that hard: no time to sleep, to eat well, to exercise, to have a relationship, to go out once a week, or is it just a lot of talking as happened before entering high school and college?

    Please be honest guys, thank you in advance for you comments.

    Dr. FS
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    HOLDEN Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 15, 2000
    Nice analysis FS, I gotta agree, it was a bunch of ego's telling me HS was gonna be hard, then college was gonna be hard. But I don't think they are lying (sp?) about med school d00d. You will be there with the best of the best. And if the best of the best have trouble imagine how you will do. You remember how there was that time you got a 100 on a test in one of your science classes? Well I don't think that happens in med school. Prepare for the journey my friend!
  4. sph

    sph Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2000
    I really think it depends on the med school and their grading system. I agree with what you say about how people talk about college and high school being hard when to me it really wasn't. College was more challenging but definitely not impossible.

    I have three friends that are currently second years in med school (what I should have been if I applied right after I graduated from undergrad). And they all say different things...but of course they are all at different med schools. Two out of the three said that med school isn't that bad as long as you manage your time correctly.

    My third friend is having a little more of a tougher time b/c she is going to a med school that is ranked very highly so all the students are extremely smart. Plus the grading system at her school is ridiculously hard.

    In college there is this tendency to study at the last minute (at least for me thats the way it worked). Whereas in med school you just can't do that. All three of my friends agree that you have to study almost everyday for at least 3-5 hours. On the weekends they tend to take a break from all that studying.
    And you also have to get used to the fact that you may not always be on the far right side of the bell curve like in undergrad.

    So it seems like its more of a time management issue. Now depending on whether or not you can actually apply that knowledge and work well with patients can really influence your third year expereince.

    Some doc's I've talked to said that third year was the best because they felt like they were actually doing real medicine whereas others said they hated third year for a number of reasons...either they didn't like their rotations, hated being sleep deprived, or it just wasn't what they thought medicine would be like.

    So its all really subjective.
  5. sph

    sph Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 21, 2000
    As far as fourth year is concerned...every fourth year I've talked too so far has said that there is no fourth year to med school. Fourth year is pretty much a cake walk.
  6. in general, it is hell. you could prob. manage a weekend off here or there, otherwise your booked solid until you start your third year.

    and remember, your classmates are all the creme de la creme of the us educational system, so you've cant rely on your higher IQ to get you thru like in undergrad.

    yeah, high school and undergrad were easy, true. med school really is as hard as people say.

    the subject material is not that hard, but the VOLUME of material is insane! for example, for ONE exam in anatomy, lets say, you could easily study harder and longer than you did in an ENTIRE undergrad class (depending). however, the concepts are not as hard to get your mind around, for example, that anatomy test is not going to be as conceptually difficult as one of your undergrad physics or organic chem tests...but you'll still put a lot more work in.

    now, if you have a photographic memory, your set for med school!
  7. ana


    Studying medicine is like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hydrant. It isn't complicated, there's just a lot of it coming at high pressure.
  8. mydoctormd

    mydoctormd Member 10+ Year Member

    May 5, 2000
    Medical Student
    Dude HS is butt Easy
    Collage Is a joke
    Med School is Hard No doubt about it!!
    ITs Hard Its not somthing easy its like learning a New Language ( 1st 4 months)
    Apling that Knowledge ( 2nd 4months)
    Mastering The Language ( 3rd 4th Months)
    And then Being an expert at it
    Oh by the way its not all just memorization
    Their is a deep thought process that is requred Standardized tests are very indicative of how well you will do and they imploy a problem solving ability that is crucial in medical school

  9. Carbon Klein

    Carbon Klein Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Some of my classmates strolled through basic sciences and aced every course. Some of my classmates studied till the early morn, and they still flunked every other test. Which one are you? I can only assume that if you're an outstanding student, then you will continue to be so in medical school. If you're a struggling student, then you'll remain so in medical school.

    True, the volume is the main culprit in medical school. However, there are people who have a hard time understanding things like physiology or biochemistry or immunology or whatever. It's easy if you understand it. It's hard if you don't understand it.

    Personally, I have seen more people adapt than crash in medical school. I think everybody will feel stressed (even the guys strolling through med school), but very few people have actually bombed because they couldn't hack it (a few people flunked in my school, but most are doing very well). If you can get it, you can usually stay in and do well.
  10. Yazoal2K

    Yazoal2K Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 10, 2000
    Falls Church, Va 22041
    Well I think it depends on how you used your time during undergraduate. I attend the George Washington, and will start Dental School next year, I was able to make a good freindship with some Med Students at GWU, and they adviced me on the classes that I should take, and I took basically all of Biology classes I could like Physiology, Biochem, Histology, Anatomy..etc
    Another freind is finishing the first year in Medical School and he said he had a good year in term of being able to absorb and understand the intense materials in good amount of time, he said taking Upper level Bio Courses helped him, but he still said that he had to Get orgnized, because think about it you go to class from 8 to 5 go back home have dinner and by 7 you must start studying, I think if you study on a daily basis medical School will really be fun, and you will always be on track,
    I also heared that in some classes you don't really have to buy books but there lecture printed by previous studnts that sells them for nominal prices, but I think after all a text is good in case of refrence.
    Probably if you attend Med school you need to plan different stratigies for studying and see which works best,
    I wish you luck


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