Mar 25, 2010
Resident [Any Field]
I take my Step 1 on June 30th.

But before I tell my strategy, a little about me. I am a second year allopathic. I'm an average student, really. But I have always been good at standardized tests (SAT and MCAT). I want to go into Internal Medicine, at a good program.

My strategy:

-First Aid 2009
-BRS Path and Phys
-Doctors in Training
-USMLE Questions
-Micro Ridiculously Simple
-Study Partner who I work well with

I plan on going through the DIT stuff they recommend, like going over FA several times. And of course their lectures. I have been reading BRS Path and Phys throughout this school year. I want to read through Micro once again. I plan on going over the Question Bank twice, and meeting with my study partner weekly to go over what we've learned. (and to break up the monotony and keep me sane).

Will this be good enough?