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Nov 18, 2008
Unibe is my one chance that i could go to medical school and i am very grateful for it because otherwise there was no way in hell that i could afford a medical degree esp now a days with the crappy economy :p. There are the distractions like the beach or the clubs or some people end up becoming socialites here which is great if you know how to manage your time. Time and time again there are people bashing UNIBE that omg they didnt prepare us for the boards and now im here and i graduated and i cant even pass step 1. My question to those people is did u stay at home and study when you were supposed honestly? or did u just study for the exam and tthats it every weekend you would go out and party because who cares its your college years right? i am not saying become a total nerd and and not go out EVER but i mean you have to prioritize and honestly if one starts studying even 1-2 hours every week per subject you'll be fine because you'll know your material for class and when the time comes you can review for your boards. I mean i know people who have all the review books in the world and practically every first aid published since they entered med 1 but i mean hello did u actually open the book or was it just there acting as your coffee coaster. then comes time for the step and all of a sudden the school didnt prepare you for anything, suddenly its the schools fault you didnt study. hey like i always say you get what you put in, it goes the same for every school you can go to harvard or you can go UNIBE if you dont study you dont study no one is ever going to spoon feed you anything and if u feel the need to be spoonfed... maybe u should rethink the fact that you want to be a doctor coz listen becoming a doctor is tough work and you have to make sacrifices .:)
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Nov 10, 2010
I just graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a bachelor's in Sciences. I just got accepted to the pharmacy program at UNIBE. If I leave the US and graduate from that program can I come back to the US and take the transfer and Naplex and become a pharmacist. I am a bit worried because this is a new school and you can actually get into the program straight out of high school.
Any help would be greatly apprecaited.
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Dec 20, 2010
So I've asked this question several other places by now, but I've read on SDN that a few people have already received interview invites for Touro NV even though the secondary is not yet available? Has any already received an interview? Are these early invites just reserved for really desirable applicants, or is it for those who get there applications in early? If you've received one of these invites do you mind sharing you stats?


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Jul 19, 2015
well guys I went to UNIBE. is pretty much self study. and I had a really hard long time catching up for at least passing my boards. if u come and dont mess around and study by yourself you will do great. if not then well... will be a total waste of money and time. good luck
Feb 7, 2017
Medical Student
As an update to this forum, UNIBE IS A FAILURE UNIVERSITY. Do not attend unless you have absolutely no other option.

It is totally self study with exams that are compleatly unfair and professors who are unqualified and hardly even speak english. Oh, and that english program? It is a complete joke. presentations, syllabi, and even exam questions are in spanish.

Any other questions, please email me [email protected]
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