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May 17, 2010
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I spoke with someone from NBOME on the phone about the mean for my application pool. She states that every 4 or so years there is a re-evaluation of where the mean and standard deviation lie. For my testing period, April 2014, the mean is 500. I got a 522, which puts me above that mean and within a large pool of data of about 4 years. For June and later, the new mean is now 540. That makes sense to me.

What I don't understand then, is how I am ranking 44% based on the conversion calculator ( The drop down does not include applicants who tested in June or later, yet a 540 is 50% based on that algorithm. If 500 is average, why am I ranking in the 44th percentile? Even with a standard deviation of 89, with 4 years of data, the mean is generally about equal to the median, which should rank me somewhere around 55%. To my understanding, this converter is used by program directors. If it is not including those who had their tests psychometrically reviewed, and if it is ranking a 522 at 44%, there must be some sort of error.

Also, the converter tool does not even list a date range for past June 2014.


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Jan 21, 2008
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Sounds like the your conversion tool got incorrectly changed to match our statistics