Is there a reason the Texas Southern University still conduct interviews online through zoom even in 2023? This way we cannot take part campus tour!

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Oct 13, 2019
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Any body recently or last month got acceptance into TSU by just attending a zoom interview? So when would they invite us to see the campus? I know UIW in San Antonio show prospect students all places of the campus on the interview day which is in person always. When we attend a Zoom program, because it is online we feel a little bit depressed because they cannot give us more information about campus and program.

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I cannot speak for pharmacy programs specifically, but to give you another perspective: My PGY-1 interviews as well as my recent PGY-2 interviews have all been online (minus one interview that was face to face at my current program). If you are in the region, you absolutely could request a tour of the campus (and you should). Otherwise, you are correct - it doesn't paint a complete picture and you are indeed rolling the dice.

That being said, your online interview should've had student ambassadors attend as part of the online orientation. I would touch-base with them for pros and cons and how their interviews went last year (most likely online).
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