is there an official dental release form for LORs


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Jan 7, 2004
    Hey there
    I need to know if there is an official form I have to submit to a professor for him to release an LOR. He says AADAS or something has a form you can print, do you know where I can get this. Hes going to write me a great one and I really needthis. Thanks!

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    Jan 24, 2004
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    1. Dentist
      Here are the forms you need:

      Letter of Reference Matching Form (this needs to be attached with LOR):

      Transcript Matching Form:

      However, if you are asking for a form on the guideline on how to write the LOR, well, there isn't one. So, the professor can write what he/she wants, but you can guide him/her through it by providing some extra materials other than transcript that he/she can use (ie: CV, copy of your AADSAS applicant essay, etc)

      Good Luck!
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      Jul 11, 2003
      1. Dentist
        Originally posted by The Musketeer
        CV (Curriculum Vitae) = resume

        Not to be snitty but there is a difference. A resume is usually a one page paper that outlines your qualifications for a job or something. People usually have multiple resumes early in their careers because undergraduates are multi-faceted. Like I have a "biology" resume and an "engineering" resume, each highliting different things.

        The CV is basically everything you've ever done worth noting. Usually these are really long and in depth (but not as to waste someone's time). You put everything including the kitchen sink in this guy.


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        Jul 24, 2003
        1. Dental Student
          My school's health career board produces the evaluation letter, and submits it with the other 3 letters to the dental schools individually by overnight express. I asked if I could have this form processed, and they told me that they don't send letters to AADSAS! Any advice how to handle the situation?

          In case you were wondering; after I asked about the matching form, everyone who is signed up as a pre-"health career" student got an email stating that "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES" will the letter be sent to an admissions processing service. So I guess I can't ask really nice:(
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