Aug 9, 2009
I am a first year student at UBC and I wrote my PCAT for the first time.
Here are my results:
Verbal Ability: 20
Reading Comprehension: 36
Biology: 84
Quantative Ability: 82
Chemistry: 81
Composite: 65
Essay: 3/6 , 3/6

I am applying for the pharmacy school at UBC and I was wondering if I still have a chance of making it this year. I'm not sure if UBC harsh looks into the english part of the PCAT. Any advice? Also, is there a way to effectively prepare for the verbal ability and reading comprehension part of the exam?

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Feb 8, 2008
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To be blunt, if you HAD to do poorly on any 2 sections of the PCAT you chose the right two! It seems that some/most schools weight the science/quant sections more heavily and your writing scores are decent (it seems the vast majority of people get 3s). If you get As in your writing/speech classes, it should be but a minor mark against you in your pharmacy application.

Personally, I would retake and focus on preparing for the english sections more, but a 65 with good science scores by no means bars you from entry to pharmacy schools. I am sure there are many accepted students every year who do not have science scores near yours.

Hope that helps.