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Medical Is this a good explanation of my institutional action?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I am reporting an academic misconduct IA from freshman year and was hoping to get feedback. I have read that adcoms prefer short and simple explanations and was wondering if my explanation is too wordy. Thank you in advance!

During the second semester of my freshman year, I received a zero on a general chemistry lab report for copying explanations I found online, posted by a previous student. As an immature and admittedly foolish freshman, this lesson helped me mature in ways that led me to focus my abilities to work hard, which I believe is well reflected in my academic record. This never occurred again and the incident served as a catalyst for changing my attitude towards school, as at the time I had a general disregard for either my conduct or academics. Since then I have developed effective study habits and have taken on roles that helped me grow personally. My reflections about the incident has helped me realize the importance of character as a student aspiring to pursue a career that carries tremendous responsibility and accountability
It sounds a little wordy in my opinion. I would remove the "as at the time I had a general disregard for either my conduct or academics" part.
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