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Is this Bipolar Disorder?

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Aug 14, 2015
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    I know many of you will say "go see a psychiatrist" and i have. They diagnosed me with Bipolar II, but i need reasurrance. When i was younger i use to have times when i would turn on music and dance around and sing to myself. I once went out shopping and bought very provocative outfits that i would never buy. Another time I went to college for the first time and ended up throwing away all my clothes. Me throwing away all my clothes happens often. I have had times when i was so depressed that I tried killing myself twice. I have ran away from home multiple times. I have attacked my mom twice. I argue a lot with people even my family. This would happen on some days. However, lately since i left home and went to a trade school, I have not been having extremes like in the past. I do argue with people some days. Lately I have not noticed any weird happenings since i left and I left two weeks ago. In the past i use to cut myself. I went from job to job because I would quit due to teasing. Same with school i quit due to teasing

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    Jun 17, 2017
      Often times people with the disease try to restart their lives over and over in an attempt to distance themselves from symptoms. Family can be a trigger. However, you need to learn to live with your family, so cutting them out of your life is not a permanent solution
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    • Nov 4, 2011
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        This thread has been reported by several users due to the comments about self-harm. SDN takes such statements seriously and we would like to remind the OP and all posters that SDN should not serve as a place to obtain counseling or other advice regarding significant psychological issues. Anyone who is contemplating harming themselves should immediately seek professional counseling advice, not rely on SDN or other non-professional resources.

        Members who have serious concerns about their career and would like to post details more anonymously may do so in the Confidential Consult forum.

        At this time, given the nature of the thread and the concerns expressed, the moderation staff of SDN will close this thread.
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