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Thank you for this service. I am a current applicant and am thankful to have had 1 interview so far. I'm still waiting on interview results but I am making a plan on what to do in case it becomes an R.

cGPA and sGPA: 3.75
MCAT: 512
Non-clinical volunteering: About 300 hours split across 2 organizations that I've worked with for some time.
Research: 4,000 hours with 3 pubs

I think what's holding me back is my lack of clinical experience. I have about 80 hours shadowing different specialties, but only around 50 hours of clinical volunteering at a COVID-19 Testing Site at the time of submission. I projected future hours in my application, but massively underestimated how many more hours I would get, so combining it only gave me roughly 100 hours.

By the start of the next application cycle, I would have about close to 200 hours at the COVID test site. Is this enough improvement from my initial application? I'm also not sure if the testing site is "clinical enough" so I am debating between reapplying immediately or waiting a year or more. I took the MCAT last year so I'm also worried that waiting another year after this application cycle will make my MCAT score ineligible. Thank you.
200 hours at a COVID testing site will be great. Keep in mind that you do NOT have to apply June 1. July and even early August is fine, allowing you to accrue even more hours.

If you have to reapply, work on interview skills, add some DO schools, and rewrite all essays, and have multiple eyeballs vet them.


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Agree with goro. Take what you can in the wake of this pandemic. The covid testing site is close enough to patient experience.

Your research time is insanely high so it shows you’ve committed to something in the long term. You’ll have a strong application all around.


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200 hours will look good for your app for sure and is clinical. This will definitely help. As the wise Goro said above, you should always have a few DO schools on the list (as long as you are cool with going DO).
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