Is this good furniture for M1. Moving in.

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Jun 21, 2019
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How much did you spend furnishing your apartment. I'm looking at spending around $900-$1k. Is this too much, or am I being too cheap? I read online that

I've been kind of bored so I'm already anticipating what furniture I'm going to buy for my new apartment.

Here's my list so far:

Zinus (Korean Company) Queen Mattress. 6' memory foam: $149 shipped
2 Ikea 3 drawer wood dressers ($40 each). Idk about Ikea quality, but since they're Swedish, I'll take it. Should be build Scandanavian tough. I think they are also European made (in Poland or Belarus)
One Tvilum Desk ($105). I liked this one cause its modern and actually made in Denmark
One tvilum 4 drawer dresser ($80): I have a lot of clothes and am moving up to the midwest from Southern California, so I will only be adding to my wardrobe. Also made in Denmark
Ikea bookshelf ($30)
Ikea Queen bed frame: $129
Tvilum Night stand. Made in Denmark ($35)
One LG 50 inch TV ($290 from B/H, so no sales tax). My roommate is buying/bringing a couch, kitchen table and chairs, so I was going to buy the TV.
Chair: $20 or free if I can find one from a garage sale.

I've been looking for some furniture used, but they aren't much cheaper and often even more expensive than Ikea. Plus, they don't come disassembled so I would need a box truck to pick them up.

Total: $910ish.

I want to try to mainly give my bedroom a zen/scandanavian wooden feel. Which is why I want to buy furniture that is Scandanvian made/designed. I want it to feel like basically I'm in the Fjord's of Norway.

Maybe I'm getting too many dressers, but I have a lot of clothes and my wardrobe will only grow with winter coats, hats, scarves, more sweaters. This is cause I have some clothes that I kept since middle school and I don't like throwing them away or giving them away. I also have 15 pairs of shoes and will probably have more since I have almost no dress shoes or winter boots. Also, some of my athletic shoes are getting worn so I may also buy more. Many of these shoes also date back to high school.

Note: I'm also a male with this big of a wardrobe.

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Also need surfaces to store these babies


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Sounds like a big bedroom if it will fit 3 dressers, a desk, and a bookshelf along with your bed and nightstand. Ikea is ideal for this situation though.

If your shoes are worn enough that you're ready to buy new ones, get rid of the old ones. Donate them to a shelter or throw them away. Save a few articles of clothing that remind you of the good times in high school and get rid of the rest. The older you get, the more stuff you accumulate and the harder it is to move each time. Spare yourself now. You don't need all that stuff anyway.

In the end only you can answer whether you're spending too much or too little based on how much money you have. If you're buying an old Mercedes you're going to need money to work on it. You need money for rent, utilities, food, fun, books, etc.
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Dresser (2nd hand store): 30 dollars
Desk (2nd hand store): 30 dollars
Computer Chair: 150 dollars
2 bedside tables from target: 120 total
2 Bedside lamps: 60 total
Steel bedframe: 50 dollars
Tuft and Needle Queen Mattress: 600 dollars (I have a really bad back, need it)
Headboard: 150 dollars
Living Room coffee table, tv stand, end tables, and tv: bummed from family and friends
Couch and loveseat: 900 dollars
Lamps: 60 dollars
Wall decor for everywhere, all from previous apartments.

Total: ~2000 (2.35 COVID-19 Unemployement checks)

I'd definitely recommend getting a new chair, you'll be sitting in it a lot.
I’d recommend a thicker mattress like 12” or more.
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