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Mar 12, 2013
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Recently interviewed at my top choice (IS large public school) l and I didn't know whether to send an update regarding the following:

Since application submission, I have accumulated 260 hours of additional clinical experience collecting COVID-19 specimens from symptomatic patients at my undergraduate school's Health Center (the medical school in concern is the same as my alma mater). I also discussed part of my experiences during my interview but this school doesn't have a secondary either so admissions would not have these experiences on paper. Now, I have moved into a full time position doing the same job but in a mass scale diagnostic laboratory and I have a job contract for 1 year.

Is this worthy of an update before this school renders its decision, especially if I'm a borderline applicant?

How many clinical hours did you put on your primary? If you had zero, then 260 would be something I would update. If you had 1500 hours already, I wouldn’t waste time updating as it isn’t something an acceptance is hinging on.
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