Jul 8, 2014
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Hi. I'm scoring roughly all in the 300 range for all my subjects. It's a big scary. Not sure if I am prepared, especially with QR, physics and reading. What were your experiences? Is the Topscore as hard as the actual exam or a bit easier?

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Jul 27, 2010
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Topscore is very realistic to the actual exam in all but physics.
Also, the RC score isn't accurate to the grading scale of the actual OAT.
I think I was getting like 34/40 right on RC and it would give me a 300-310 for that section. No.

But my actual OAT was 30-40 points higher (AA) than my Topscore exams (that I took all 3 exams within 10 days of my actual OAT).
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