Aug 23, 2020
Hi All,

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on PsyD's. I am looking for some community input. What are your thoughts on University of Denver's PsyD program?

I am totally aware of how expensive it is. Feedback on that would be helpful but I'm really looking more at the quality of the program. I value the scientist-practitioner model and want to publish papers regardless of whether or not I am in a Phd VS. PsyD... I would like to work in clinical settings (such as psychiatric hospitals, inpatient units, or outpatient programs), can see myself opening a private practice eventually, and really want to teach college-level courses in psychology subjects one day. Would this program be a good fit for that?

Even if it's not a good fit for me, is it otherwise reputable compared to other PsyD programs?

I am hoping to get into a funded PhD program but am also going to put some PsyDs on my application list. I figure I will see if I get into any programs and then make decisions later once I have time to dedicate 100% focus on looking into them. Right now it's hard to read everything I can get my hands on comparing programs because I am currently working, and applying to 10+ schools is a project in of itself.

Thank you!
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Jan 22, 2013
I met one student there while on internship interviews. We had to do a 5 minute or maybe 10 minute therapy demonstration roleplay in front of all applicants, and I did think she had fantastic clinical skills. On the other hand, we had a professor who taught there for years come to teach a class in my program that none of our regular faculty had availability for. He gave us vocabulary worksheets, took 50 minute breaks in the middle of the 3-hour class, and so much more- it was awful. He was fired after two classes and replaced by a lecturer from within the department, not sure why they didn't just do that in the first place, haha. Anyway, that's an n=2, but I have one positive interaction and one negative interaction.
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