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is usc still giving out interviews

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Jul 29, 2003
    sending out invitations until april or interviewing until april? No supplemental information besides the secondary and AMCAS? So an update letter go straight to the trash?

    supersnuffles said:
    they said until april. called them yesterday. oh, and they don't acknowledge any supplemental information besides the secondary and AMCAS. hope that helps.


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    Jul 9, 2004
      I DROPPED OFF A LETTER AND SENT ONE IN, i hope they take this into consieration... someone find out... those trojans are getting cocky as hell too


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      Aug 18, 2004
      New York, NY
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        Kownell said:
        does that mean update letters were useless?

        I also had an extra LOR sent not too long ago.

        I don't know about LORs, but definitely update letters are not considered. I specifically asked about that actually, and woman who I talked to in the office said "sorry, we don't take any extra information (ie. update letters) into account."
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