Sep 25, 2011
For the sake of this discussion let's say USC is the only dental school I got into. I'm 27 and am ready to move forward to start my career in 4 years. USC is so outrageously expensive and I wonder if it's worth it. Let's say I'm borrowing $400,000. Sme other important criteria to consider before providing advice:

1) because I had been on medication within the last year, I was ineligable for the military scholarship, so let's just say that for now this opportunity is out. Maybe I could join as an officer after school.

2) I have an investment portfolio of $300,000. So I do have a solid backing right ow and I'm very fortunate. I think this changes the tone of how severely the debt from USC would affect me, though $400K for dental school is a bit outrageous..

Looking for advice from currently practicing dentists on whether or not it is wise for me to go ahead and take the leap of faith and go to USC.



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Jun 7, 2007
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I went to USC and I have a large amount of debt to pay back, but there are options that could help if it is a big concern. Military, NHSC, IHS are all good programs that offer loan repayment and IBR is a good option as well, if USC is the only school that you got into and dentistry is what you really want to do the go for. You will be well trained at USC and be a good clinician when you finish.


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Jul 19, 2007
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If you invest your 300k portfolio wisely, you can offset the cost of accruing interest and be able to pay down your loan quickly after graduation. Dental school is a huge investment, I just hope the profession doesnt fall apart due to saturation/insurance/etc, otherwise we're all SOL.


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Mar 2, 2009
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I think it's saturating in the bigger cities already. My friends are having a hard time finding jobs in places in CA. At least we're not in much trouble as our medicine counterparts.