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I believe it has already least for allopathic students. According to the National Board of Medical Examiners, the first test will be given in 2004. The first test centers in Philadelphia and Atlanta are being setup now and they will release the location of the other centers sometime later this summer. Since this is a USMLE thing, I am not sure how it will affect osteopathic students and doctors.

At current, those in the graduating class of 2005 and later will be required to pass the test. They expect about 5 to 7 percent to not pass the first time around (about the same as USMLE Step 2). They expect that perhaps as many as 2 percent (possibly 500) medical students will not be able to pass, even after taking it multiple times, meaning they will not be able to receive their medical license.

It's been on the USMLE website for more than a month now. If you look in the Step 1 forum, I posted a poll to see how people feel about it. Click here for the link to the USMLE website.


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It's already happened for Osteopathic students as well. The COMLEX-PE (Performance Evaluation) is also set to come into testing in 2004, possibly earlier. I believe they plan to have 6-8 testing centers across the country. The COMLEX is also only going to be given by computer by this time as well, and half the questions will be ommitted, bringing the total questions to between 350-400.

There's also very, very preliminary talks about a merger for Step3 between the USMLE and COMLEX.

Oh, also of note -- I heard the top score in the country on the USMLE this year was a DO student! :)
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