Italian Medical Schools

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Oct 31, 2004
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I'm an American undergraduate and I'd like to become a physician. My GPA is low due to one years worth of horrible grades. Nonetheless, I'm more interested in attending foreign medical schools (as luck would have it) than being in the states and an education in Italy would be awesome.

How competitive are seats in an Italian program. I noticed that you can only apply thru the consulate, (and thru them, to only one school) and that you must have a minimum GPA of 2.98. Would having this GPA and meeting the other requirements guarantee admission, or only guarantee consideration for admission?

Also, I was wondering what the average cost of tuition is for an entire program (assuming that all programs are 6 years in duration).

Thanks for any information

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I personally have not come across info on Italian Med schools....that's probably because I haven't really been looking!

However, this website may be useful for any info that you may be looking for because it lists all med schools in Europe:
There have been posts in the past about this... I remember bc I looked up all the info for one of them... so if you do a search you might find them.

Anyway, entrance can be competitive in Italy. Especially in the larger cities. I know that as a minimum, you need to be able to speak Italian fluently and you need to sit the test (I believe that each city has it's own test).

It's not true that you can go to only one school. I know numerous people that gave gone to various med schools in Italy. You're best bet is to go first through the med school (they will each have a registrar/secretary for foreign students) THEN go through the consulate for whatever paperwork you may need. The consulate (as far as I know) will be issuing you your student visa but beyond that, they could care less what school you are attending or how you got in.

Med school tuition is based on family income. I think the most expensive tuition is about Euro 2500. This does not include books, room/board or other living expenses. It lasts 6 years if you take all your exams on time but more often then not, you will find that ppl take more than 6 years to finish.

ETA: I fwded you a PM I wrote to someone that asked a similar question to yours.