it's april 9th and i have heard NOTHING from....

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Jun 3, 2003
    I called Finch a few weeks ago and was told that I was under review for a late interview and I should submit an update letter. I thought that was pretty nice of them to even tell me that, altho it is pretty late. I sent update letters to a few other schools and was promptly rejected. Must have been my letter that reminded them to actually reject me :mad:


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    Mar 15, 2004
      NYMC is clearly run by the laziest people alive. They haven't updated their website since Sept...I should have gone there, woulda' fit right in


        I think I have officially heard from everyone. I have a stack a rejections that comes up to my knee. Now I play the waiting game as I sit on a few waitlists and await a post-interview decision from a couple of schools.


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        Oct 26, 2003
          BioChemDork said:
          Theme song for those still playing the waiting game:

          "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" - Cake (Awesome song, btw. Works for describing being waitlisted by med schools, females, etc. too!)

          You won't admit you love me
          And so how am I ever to know?
          You only tell me
          Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

          A million times I've asked you,
          And then I ask you over again
          You only answer
          Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

          If you can't make your mind up
          We'll never get started
          And I don't wanna wind up
          Being parted, broken-hearted

          So if you really love me
          Say yes, but if you don't dear, confess
          And please don't tell me
          Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

          i didn't know cake did a cover of this song. i have the doris day version and one done by an a capella group at my school. :thumbup:

          but it's a very appropriate song to describe guys too...
          and great for tango!
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