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Jan 28, 2007
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For two days now I’ve been looking at this “Attorney-Client Contingent Fee Retainer Agreement” and I haven’t been able to sign it. At first there was a visceral gut reaction to it, followed closely by a more cerebral response.

Although I still believe that the AAMC mishandled certain portions of this situation, and although I still believe firmly that scoring the forewarned and the not forewarned (about the faulty passage) equally, if this indeed happened, is a major and most likely illegal (at least the lawyers thought so) breach of standardized testing procedure -I have chosen not to pursue a legal case against them.

The resolution(s) I seek would only be effective if enacted immediately. In the most likely reality this case would turn into a protracted legal battle that could last for years, at best resulting in some small monetary reward for the affected; not at all what I am seeking. My energies are perhaps better spent contacting the admissions departments of the schools I’m interested in and explaining/ asking their advice on how to handle the testing error’s effect on my score.

I just had a very civil and encouraging conversation with the head of the MCAT department at AAMC. I offered her the idea of creating a letter to send along with MCAT scores to admissions departments, explaining the testing error and how it may have affected our scores. She understood the importance of that idea in mitigating our concerns, to such a degree, that she pledged to start working on a copy immediately in hopes of having something to send out by Feb 28th when our scores arrive.

I would like to thank all of you that took the time to respond to my posts. Your thoughts played an important role in helping me to gain perspective and reach my present decision. I hope the dialogue that this issue inspired was somehow beneficial to you all.

All that being said – if come Feb. 28th I find that my VR score is so low that it severely hampers my ability to get into med schools, throwing 2+ years of post-bac training away – I’ll pick this case right back up for fun while I continue to build my already burgeoning business ;)


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Sep 30, 2005
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Sounds like a very reasonable plan to me. I think it is good that you explored your rights before succumbing to the AAMC.

If anything, this should really show your ability to use logic and not default to higher powers.


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Nov 10, 2005
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So you still chose to get your test scored? LOL, I thought you voided them after all that ruckus!!

I think you'll be OK. There are a lot of pre-results jitters and this didn't help them.

If AAMC was more forthright, asking for our insight, explaining to us their options in how to grade, and re-testing compensations, we probably would have been happier. They were tight-lipped with us the whole way. So the powerless feeling probably amped up our rage and we placed them in the only arena we had- this website.

You fought the good fight!
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