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Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by sue, Jun 1, 2002.

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    I am Sue's fiancee and she told me about this wonderful site and I am using her user name and password......
    I have a question on J1 visa:
    If My "multiple entry" J1 visa is from 30/6/2002-30/6/2003 and I returned back home for my wedding from 20/5/2003 till 5/6/2003 "few weeks before the expiry of my multiple entry J1 visa"......and before leaving for my home country I got new IAP-66 for the PGY-2 (2003-2004) in hand
    If I got my NEW IAP-66(for the 2033/2004 PGY-2 year) for the next year in hand before leaving to home country.......and upon my return my J1 multiple entry visa is still valid for only 3 weeks......Will the officer give me a new I-94 that is valid for a complete new year although my J1 visa got only few weeks for expiry " till the end of the PGY-2 year as it is shown on the NEW IAP-66 that I got in hand before leaving to my home country for my wedding " ???or will the officer require the old IAP-66 not the new one because the J1 visa is for the 2002/2003 and the IAP-66 is for 2003/2004 "Although my J1 multiple entry visa is still valid for few weeks?
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    If you go out of the country and return before the expiry of the J1, you will not get a new I-94 valid for a year-- because I don't think the J1 visa requires an attached I-94. In fact, all you will need to do is show the IAP and J1 and get entry. To renew the J-1 you will need to take the IAP-66 to a US embassy (preferably in your home country) and submit a visa application the same way you got the J1 this time around. This process will have to be repeated yearly.

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