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    Dean's Associates Publishing is seeking medical student representatives at US and Canadian medical schools.

    You will help sell our popular USMLE test preparation books FLASHmicro and FLASHembryo by acting as a student liason to medical students at your school. It should be an easy sell as over 4000 copies have been sold since 1997! Your responsibilities include organizing promotional events for FLASH and showing other students FLASH products. You never purchase anything so there is no risk to you financially!

    In return you receive:

    - FLASHmicro and FLASHpath USMLE preparation materials at cost for personal use

    -10% commission on all books sold

    - practical experience in the publishing business

    - a rich network of connections to other medical students and residents across the country

    If you are interested drop an email to [email protected]


    Ron Homer MD
    [email protected]

    Will Ting MD, MBA
    [email protected]


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