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Sep 15, 2011
I am going to have an 8 month period between completing a post-master's clinical fellowship (with 25% research time), and the hypothetical start date for a PhD program in clinical psychology.

What type of job would you encourage someone to pursue during this time? I am considering psychotherapy positions within academic settings, research positions, institutes, etc. (And if you do have ideas, I would be glad to hear your search techniques.) I am not regionally bound, which makes my search a bit more unwieldy.

The title and experience in this next job will not take place in time to be noted on my CV (at least not in this round). I am trying to figure out the range of possible options to balance income needs and a 'good fit' work environment. At this stage in my career, an entry level research assistant position is not likely a great fit for my experience and needs.

Thanks in advance for ideas!
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Feb 15, 2009
Honestly, I'd just look for short-term, seasonal type work if you're pretty sure it's just going to be an 8 month time frame. I can't imagine any research outfit is going to want to spend the time on-boarding and training you, just to have you leave shortly after that. If you can find some short-term work doing therapy, go for that. Just be honest about your time frame, if asked.


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Sep 5, 2009
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Agree with WisNeuro. I didn't have a gap, but between undergrad and grad (when I was a full-time RA), I lived in a research-opportunity-heavy city and found lots of "temporary" postings for things like psychotherapy coding, participant recruitment, and clinical interviewing. You might be able to find something that way.
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