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Mar 3, 2003
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I was checking out "Pharmacist's Letter" online and I stumbled across a job/residency that looks really cool.

Some of the pre-pharms have probably never seen Pharmacists Letter. It's a newsletter that comes out monthly to address current topics that most pharmacists see in their practice. The authors describe it as "practical advice" and it's just that. It's not pages and pages of tables and indexes, but rather a short discussion of pressing news/topics/rumors. The downside is the price to subscribe: $132/year + 36 for the C.E. The good news is that most employers will pay for it once you're licensed. Anyway, here is an example of what you can do with your degree. Keep in mind that the salary listed is a resident salary. Residents are usually paid 30-40k max.


"This residency emphasizes evidence-based medicine, research, editing. The resident will learn the art and science of advising pharmacists, physicians, and other health professionals on drug therapy. Since it is a new program, it is an excellent opportunity for a motivated PharmD to further shape and develop the program.

The residency program will be at the new 20,000 sq foot Therapeutic Research Center facility in Stockton, CA. Compensation will include at least $45,000 annual salary, health insurance, two weeks vacation, and travel expenses paid to professional association meetings. The biggest benefit is learning from a dynamic team of pharmacists and involvement in a terrific learning environment."

Feel free to add your own examples. I'm not trying to turn this into a job posting forum, but I feel like people should see what else a PharmD can get you, besides Walgreens. ;)
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