Johns Hopkins MPH 2010

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Nov 13, 2009
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I've applied to the JHU MPH program that begins in July 2010. Has anyone heard back from Hopkins yet for next summer? Or, if you're currently in the program, how long did it take to hear back after submitting your application & accompanying materials?

Thanks so much!

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no...this is not to answer your question. sorry about that. instead, there's another question regarding Johns Hopkins that I wanna ask.
Since you've already applied you may know whether were are required to specify a concentration in our application. I went to their website and found that their program is structured differently. there's the option of 'customising' the program or choosing an 'optional area of concentration'. optional area? well, please just let me know if you can, what needs to be specified at the time of applying.
I specified what area of concentration I was interested in pursuing, especially because it was related to my previous work experience. I can't remember if this is necessarily required, but I do think it would be helpful for them to see in what direction you'd like to progress and how your paths thus far have led you to that decision.