July 31 MCAT dilemma - please help!!

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Jul 20, 2009
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I could really use some helpful advice right now!

I am scheduled for my 2nd MCAT on 7/31. The first time was on 5/1 and I scored a 21S (6PS, 7VR, 8BS). I spent the past 1.5 months on content review and some practice passages. I just took my first practice AAMC test since the actual MCAT in May and only scored 20 (6PS, 7VR, 7BS).

Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated and overwhelmed at this point, and I'm being very realistic - what is the point of taking the exam on 7/31 with such consistently low scores? I've already taken the TPR class twice in the past year, completed all the homework and took all the TPR diagnostic tests, and all the AAMC practice tests except two (#4 and #5). I've thoroughly reviewed my test errors and have copius amounts of review notes.

Aside from the MCAT, I think I've got a reasonably decent application - I have a 3.6 undergraduate GPA, a masters degree in social work, nearly 5 years of hospital work experience as a medical social worker, and 6 years as a volunteer coordinator for a medical clinic for the homeless. This exam is the main roadblock standing in the way of my future and I feel as though it's going to consume me.

I would welcome ANY input on how to study strategies or mental exercises on how to tackle this exam, once and for all...and perhaps some validation that I really need to cancel my exam date for July 31 rather than keeping it, given my last practice exam score.


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Dec 25, 2008
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I wouldn't take the test until you start getting higher practice test scores. Can't get another low score. =*(
Try reviewing what you are getting wrong and solidifying your content. Good luck. With more studying and practice, I am sure your score will go up!

Go check out all the practice tests you have taken and make a spreadsheet of what you are getting wrong the most. Then start reviewing those critical topics first. Also try giving those questions another try. Maybe TPR isn't working out for you and you need another point of reference. Never bad to switch it up.
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