July or August MCAT?


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Oct 27, 2006
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    I'm on the horns of a dilemma and desperately need some advice with regards as to deciding between the July or August MCAT. I initially planned on taking the MCAT in July after completing my Physics 2 and Organic 1 this semester, however, it has been some time since I've taken Biology (over ten years). My school offers a Biology and an Orgo 2 course over the summer which finishes up in early August. That said, would postponing the MCAT until I've finished these courses and taking the August MCAT be more advantageous than taking the July MCAT (of course without the benefit of these courses, but with the advantage of finishing my application earlier)?

    Btw, I am a nontraditional applicant.

    Thanks in advance for your sincere answers.


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    Nov 28, 2006
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      Um, it would probably be a good idea to get that Bio refresher. I took the MCAT last Aug (about 10 years after my gen Bio classes) and I honestly don't think that I was missing out on anything. I have however taken upper level Bio classes lately. One thing that I did miss out on was the Genetics, which I took 9 years ago, so a refresher there would have been great because the Aug test last year was heavy on genetics I thought. Plus, while most of the orgo stuff on the MCAT is from the first semester, I am in Orgo 2 right now, and there are a few things that we have learned that I did see on the MCAT.

      If you are anxious to get your application in early, you could have everything ready and filled out, then submit it when you get your scores. They are supposed to be faster now that they are all CBT. Or, if you are not opposed to taking the MCAT twice, you can take it after this semester and submit your apps in June or whenever you are done, then if you are not happy with the score, you can retake it, and add the new score to your application. You should check with the schools that you are interested in applying to, though. Some will accept the higher score, some will average and some will review both, so you would have to consider that.


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      Oct 18, 2004
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        I agree with the other poster. You should take the MCAT only after you are prepared. Taking the MCAT early and doing poorly will not help you.

        I understand your motivation. Those who apply earlier may have a better chance of getting accepted to medical school. However, it's always best to apply with the strongest application you can put out there.
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        Dec 24, 2006
          I would say - start studying on your own now, and don't count too much on time after your classes to prepare for the MCAT. The bonus is, if you've studied the MCAT material a lot beforehand you will probably do better in your class, and the actual class will be more like a review or tying up of loose ends. Whether you are prepared by July really depends on your personality and whether you can be disciplined and structure your own studying. Please don't count on the time between your last class and the MCAT administration to do your major preparation. The material really needs time to settle and be digested.

          And, if you start studying now, you will have a good idea of how prepared/comfortable you are by the time summer rolls around and it becomes pressing to make this decision.

          Good luck!


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          Nov 27, 2006
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            Buy the Kaplan 45 series prepratory book and study like mad. Take the earlier test so you can submit your score as early as possible. If you can afford it, register for both and take both. The Kaplan 45 will help to narrow your knowledge set. Worked for me and I too am a non-traditional. :cool:
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