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july or august?

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by loopy, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. loopy

    loopy 7+ Year Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    i am currently scoring 8s on all sections and scheduled for the july 8th date.
    i know i can move up to about 10-11s on all scetions by july. should i reschedule for the august 5th date?
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  3. SN2ed

    SN2ed Moderator Emeritus 7+ Year Member

    Jun 27, 2007
    I'd continue doing what you're doing for now since you are confident your technique will raise your scores. Once you reach the last possible day to reschedule (I believe two weeks before the test, double check the AAMC page to make sure), you should look at your practice MCAT scores and re-evaluate. If you're doing well, by all means take the MCAT on July 8th. If you aren't, then postpone until August.
  4. J ROD

    J ROD Watch my TAN walk!! Rocket Scientist Physician Pharmacist Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    Aug 1, 2005
    working on my tan......
    I second that.
  5. loopy

    loopy 7+ Year Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    just to add those scores are for tpr tests
  6. atomi

    atomi Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 6, 2005
    Take it and get your score and re-take it if you want to do better. The actual test would be a better practice anyway in case you take it later. For the cost of rescheduling, I would just risk having to take it again rather than (possibly unknowingly) prolonging the agony of studying/waiting.
  7. riceman04

    riceman04 10+ Year Member

    Mar 21, 2005
    Los Angeles
    I'm sorry but that is bad advice:

    "Prolonging the agony of studying/waiting" is miniscule in comparison to scoring poorly.

    I hope your advice was genuine (and just bad) rather than disingenuous and tinged with gunnerism

    you can call me jaded....I just don't trust anyone anymore
  8. unsung

    unsung 10+ Year Member

    Mar 12, 2007
    Yeah, I don't get this advice. Why *plan* to re-take the test ? It just looks bad to have that first score on your record. Even if you later improve 5/6 pts. I mean, given a choice between a person who scored a 35 on their first try and another person who scored 26, 30, 35, in 3 tries, who would you rather take ? The person who took it 3 times begs the Q- why was he/she taking it before being ready? It seems lazy at best, and irresponsible at worst. At the very least, it seems to imply less "native ability" compared to an applicant who only had to take it one time to hit their target score. I have nothing against retakes... but they shouldn't be seen as like no big deal, either. Of course, all the better for me if all the rest of you are planning on taking & retaking ;).

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