JUST Changed My Email Contact - Should I Email Schools Individually?

Tetines of Paris

5+ Year Member
Jan 16, 2016
Hi all!

So I'm in a weird dilemna and having a hard time getting advice on what to do. Long story short: I discovered that the address I originally gave may not be getting all messages from schools, particularly secondaries. For instance, U of Arizona - Tucson told me that they sent me an invite but I never got it, no matter how much I looked. I changed my email in my AMCAS app and it is my understanding that schools will get a report about it.

I know schools haven't been flooding us with secondaries but should I reach out to schools individually asking them to resend secondaries IF they had sent me one? I don't want to come off as presumptuous. Would they send one again without my prompting after learning of my new email?

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